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Since 1989!

Who We Are

Along the way we have engineered a line of different products that the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries use on a daily basis. All of our products are manufactured by selecting controlled sulphur materials for fittings, clamp ends, orbital weld end, or for any of the bleed valves or heat exchangers that we produce. All of these products are processed in our facility with the highest attention to detail with processes evaluated and approved by third-party inspection groups.

As part of our day-to-day activities we work very closely with the consumers of these products through our distribution network to assist in the development of new devices, or to improve existing ones that may not be performing as well as the customer may need it to.

As a service to OEM’s, we have the capability to mass produce a wide variety of components or assemblies to meet this industry’s ever changing requirements. We are capable of supplying from a few hundred pieces to thousands of pieces, all of which meet BPE specifications.

We have been awarded and appointed as an exclusive engineering and manufacturing firm for products and equipment used in this industry.

Fluid Line would welcome the opportunity to assist anyone in the manufacturing and/or the engineering of their products from prototype stage all the way through its manufacturing, regardless of the volume.